The Rocky Horror Picture Show : The Comic Book Kevin VanHook

ISBN: 9780985749316

Published: 2012


128 pages


The Rocky Horror Picture Show : The Comic Book  by  Kevin VanHook

The Rocky Horror Picture Show : The Comic Book by Kevin VanHook
2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 128 pages | ISBN: 9780985749316 | 9.59 Mb

Ill call a spade a spade and say that the artwork for this book is terrible. REALLY terrible. Everyone is recognizable, but in the end the artwork is just awful. But the thing is, I honestly think that this was intentionally done. RHPS is this campy movie that was made to be awful. It was never supposed to be the Citizen Kane of films because its purpose was to be a spoof of so many different themes and stories. In the same tone, I think that the comic was supposed to be campy looking with terrible artwork.

I think I actually would have liked the comic less if it WAS drawn to be the best specimen in graphic novels because it would go against the nature of the film and stage play as a whole.Now as far as the story goes, the movie is pretty much quoted word for word, song for song. Its faithfully drawn and adapted to mirror as much of the more memorable facial contortions and whatnot. Some of it is slightly edited down such as the repeats of the (Janet! Brad!

Janet! Dr. Scott! Rocky! ...) sections and the various Creature of the Night refrains. This is done more for space and flow, I think, since it would sort of feel redundant to have an extra 2-3 pages just to put this in. If youre looking to write your own audience participation guide based solely on the comic book panels, youd be able to do it.As far as extras go, there are enough here to make it interesting. We have an audience participation script in here and while yes, you could find various participation guides online, its nice to have it in this comic book.

Theres also a neat profile on Richard OBrien as well as a page devoted to the films chronological history from stage to screen as well as a page of random trivia. Mixed in throughout the extras section are various color photographs of the film and such. Ill admit that the books photos and print arent of the highest quality, but youve got to remember that this is an indie press and the book is of a far higher quality than Ive seen many indie comic houses publish.

This is especially high quality when you realize that its an indie house and theyre selling it for an incredibly low price. (Eighteen dollars as of this review on their website.)This will be best appreciated by fans of the film, especially the die-hards. If youre one of those people who have gone to some of the theater showings (which are a freaking blast), then this is a must have for your collection.

Its just a shame that its not as easy to find due to the limited printings. This isnt nearly as much fun as the film and at times it sort of drags, but it really is a blast to read.

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